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technology for the next generation.

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Services and Solutions

Our Team provides professional services ensuring your success through:

Strategic Consulting
Delivering value that aligns with your business strategy

Strategic Partners building your entire environment to meet the needs of your client base

Consultants helping you achieve success by anticipating challenges and solving complex problems with every step you take

“Fantastic! Zlantrader is the first iOS based futures trading platform with the speed and connectivity to compete with any of today’s leading trading platforms. I highly recommend Zlantrader for top tier mobile trading.”

—Futures trader 30 years/Chicago Board of Trader Member 20 years



    Zlantrader is a suite of products helping to ensure your business is successful!

    • A One-Step Mobile Platform that reaches all markets in all places
    • A Full Desktop Trading Application
    • A Risk Manager


    Our partners help users with a variety of needs. Whether it is building, customizing, or managing your technology needs, our partners will be there to help ensure your success!

    • AMP Futures
    • Phillip Futures
    • ABN AMRO
    • Connamara


    About Us

    Founder, Doug Foster
    Doug Foster was a floor trader and early desktop trader at the Chicago Board of Trade. Eager to fully transition to the trading screen, he envisioned endless opportunities for expansion of trading markets and advanced techniques for trading. With ingenuity and integrity, he recognized the need for trading interfaces to meet the needs of these changing markets and Zlantrader was born, performance focused, cutting-edge technology for the next generation.

    Sean Griegal, Legal Advisor
    Sean has significant experience representing and advising companies on intellectual property development, procurement, and protection matters. His clients range from start-ups to multinationals, and span many technology-based industries, including the medical device, energy, construction, communications, finch, and IT sectors. Sean is the co-founder and former chief operating officer of Xcellasave, Inc., a wireless technology start-up focused on mobile content delivery. Sean received a BS from the US Coast Guard Academy and his JD from George Washington University. Bar Admissions: New York and the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

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